I woke up this morning, with a headache and was nauseous, not sure if I slept or was awake in a bad dream. When I wrote my last blog post just 5 short days ago, I said that sooner or later, everyone would know someone…

After a few minutes of being awake, I remember why my mouth is dry, eyes a little swollen and I have a headache and am nauseous.  Little did I know, my someone would be someone I that used to love.

Like I said in my last post when I first heard about this virus, I never dreamed it would affect my life.  I was moving to Poland to start a new adventure…I was enjoying the company of family and friends in my hometown…I had nothing to worry about except keeping my luggage under the allowable weight.

Slowly this mysterious virus leaked over the borders of China and started appearing elsewhere, but still, I didn’t know anyone.  Not even after spending 4 years in China meeting and making 100’s of friends and Wuhan, China being ground zero…I still didn’t have a someone.

February…I arrive in Poland and go about setting up life in a new country.  A month goes by…I have a job, I have a flat, I hear stories from South Korea, Japan and soon Italy, but I still don’t know “someone”.  March 11, 2020…I am at my job at a company in Warsaw teaching English.  I learn the CEO of the company, who lives in Belgium, has tested positive for the coronavirus, now being called COVID 19.  Now I have a connection, but still not my someone.  Next thing I know, schools in Poland are closed and Poland is closing its borders.  People all over the world are questioning these drastic measures even as China is still battling the disease.  As most of Europe is starting to shut their borders and order social distancing to flatten the curve, people in the USA are still going to bars and restaurants, spring break has begun, the weather up north is still unpredictable but “Opening Day” is on the minds of sports fans and many think the rest of the world is over-reacting to this “the flu kills more people than this made in China virus” called COVID 19.  Next thing I know, my home state begins to close the non-essential businesses, but people still aren’t staying home. Then I find out my hometown has its first case of coronavirus.  Wow, I find out I know this person.  Not that many weeks ago, if you would have told me I would know someone that has coronavirus, I wouldn’t have believed it.  This “someone” was an acquaintance and not someone I knew well and this someone recovered and went home.  COVID 19, although it was the common conversation topic, I pushed it to the back burner again.  Other than the stay-at-home orders, working from home and restaurants closed to dining in, my life was still not really affected.

Then, late last week after I posted “Love in the Time of Coronavirus”,  I got that text message, “Wendy, call me about “Someone”, he is in the hospital with coronavirus”.  I sat and stared at that message for I don’t know how long before making the call.  Is this real?  I made the call…it was real.  “Someone” had been taken by ambulance to the hospital.  In the hospital, fever, can’t breathe on his own, sedated, ventilator, the words kept running in circles in my head after I hung up the phone.  This was my someone, I knew him well, he was stubborn, he could fight this, he was sedated so the body could heal.  I shared the news with my family and a few close friends and went about day to day life which consisted of waking up, dressing, teaching English, eating, reading, all those things you do when you are on quarantine/stay at home orders.  You have a lot of time to think when you must shelter in place.  No matter the current situation between me and my someone, he was someone I used to love…did that love just go away? No!  I smiled as I reminisced about what used to be.  More than anything, I would never wish him any ill will and prayed for his recovery.

Several days went by and I received messages of no change and the body needs to heal.  Then, last night, the message that “someone” had taken a turn for the worse and his body was shutting down.  As of this writing, he is still with us, and I have been overwhelmed with a plethora of emotion.  Emotions that were more than I expected.  The thought of this outcome has been in the back of my mind but last night my emotions bubbled over, out of my control.  The good times all came pouring back.  The bad times I buried deep.  A reminder that in times like these, it’s the good memories that count.  It’s the fun times, the laughter, the trips, the meals, the friends we hung with, all the things that make me smile… that’s what I want to feel…that’s what I want to remember!  Because… He is, after all, someone I used to love!

14 thoughts on “Love in the Time of Coronavirus Part 2 -Someone That I Used to Love

  1. A bit late to this post but thank you for sharing. I hope your someone is OK and that you are too. It’s also important to relay that sentiment – that in times of calamity, it really is the good times that count.


      1. So sorry Wendy. I have felt the sting of losing someone I used to love recently too (a friend, to suicide). I found it very healing to write them a letter.
        Sending you all the love.

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  2. Wendy my heart is breaking for you. I am truly sorry, I will say a special prayer for you and his family. Sending hugs to you as well. Miss you! Take care my friend!


  3. Loving written. Also good therapy. I know I am the Gehrlein cousin..still upper lip. Tears are in my eyes. You are loved.


  4. Wendy, thank you for your honest and heart rendering post. I think the Coronavirus will change many of us in ways we least expect. Your someone is a truly special person and you have been blessed to find such a beautiful and long lasting love. I know you will hold onto that ‘knowing’ forever. Sending ❤️ Light and prayers.


  5. Wendy, my fast friend. How saddened I feel for you at this time cannot be explained. In our short time together you lovingly mentioned Someone a few times. Now that this has happened, and after seeing your Facebook post yesterday, I understand. Just know your fast friend is thinking of you, caring about you, and wishing warmest comfort for you. Take care my fast friend.


  6. Wendy this was beautifully written and I am so glad that you wrote this. This is the first person that I know that has this disease and it brings it that much closer. I pray that Tom comes out of this and I thank you for writing this and letting us know. Please be safe and keep writing my very good friend.


  7. Wendy, I am praying for Tom.he is a good friend to me.To quote Paul Simon from his song Old Friends”,Preserve your memories.,that’s all that’s left you”.I am sure you are… Marty


  8. Oh Wendy, this is so horrible. I did share his battle with our very strong Class of ’62. So many responses, so many prayers.
    For me it’s a comfort to know he is never alone. God spoke to me and assured me of that this morning.
    You are never alone either. Much love


  9. Wendy again written beautifully about your someone. Thank You for sharing with me in our text about your someone. I’ve been praying for your someone since you so generously shared with me. My prayers are to your someone and to you my friend. As always much love and stay safe and well.


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